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Anna Alexis Michel was one of the winner of the European photo contest  'Building Bridges to End FGM' with the picture "endless beauty" -the meringue project - cosigned with the french photo-reporter jean-michel voge






















Anna Alexis Michel is on the cover of the annual report 2015 of efgm (cover and page 7)

Naana Otoo Oyortey, President of the END FGM European Network, invited to a launch party to celebrate the first full year of existence of the Network and to unveil the photo exhibition “Building Bridges to end FGM”.on Wednesday, 27th January 2016 in Brussels, Belgium, Esplanade Solidarnosc, at the European Parliament

and the photography exhibition 'Building Bridges to end FGM' was also on display in the Mundo B building in Brussels from 13 May until early July 2016.

This exhibition was co-funded by the European Commission's Rights, Equality and Citizenships Programme, the Human Dignity Foundation and the Wallace Global Fund. 

October 11th, 2017 saw the launch of the Building Bridges to End FGM Art Exhibition as part of its 2017 theme: 'Building Bridges to End FGM'. The photo exhibition features work from various contributing artists and is travelling through five different European countries hosted by End FGM EU members to raise awareness and promote behavioral change.

End FGM EU launched the ‘Building Bridges Art Exhibition Tour’ in October as part of its 2017 theme: 'Building Bridges to End FGM'. The work travels through five European countries hosted by End FGM EU Network members including:

Belgium: by GAMS BE from Oct 11th-20th

The UK: by Forward UK from Oct 27th - Nov 3rd

The Netherlands: by FSAN from Nov 10th-17th

Cyprus: by The Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS) from Nov 25th - 10th Dec

France: by Equipop December (dates TBC)

End FGM EU defines the Building Bridges incentive as; “Synergies and cooperation between actors from different sectors in EU countries of residence and in countries of origin to implement actions, policies and legal frameworks to end FGM tackling the transnational nature of this practice”.

women's rights

the meringue project is available in galleries and online...

and many ngo's, foundations and associations are talking about us as "her period" in texas (usa), the "vagina museum" in london (uk), or clitoraid, aids care ocean, ya basta..

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